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Training your new puppy to come when called is discussed in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi! I’m Melanie McLeroy with Taurus Training for Expert Village and today we’re going to talk about puppies. So let’s talk about how to teach your puppy, how to come. The recall is absolutely the most important command. It is also the command that people have the most trouble with. The reason is that we usually tell our dogs to come when we know that they’re going to ignore us so we’re setting him upto fail, by setting them up to ignore us. In other words, dogs think come means run away faster, start when your dog is very young or when you very first acquire your dog, if it’s an older dog. For older dogs you typically have a honeymoon period of 2-3-4 weeks where your dog wants to hang around you, because he or she is uncertain of the new situation and little puppies naturally want to be around us. So capitalize on that. Call your puppy to you often when you know he’s going to come. That way he gets consistent reinforcement. You can use a lot of visual signals too, bending over, little puppy…come …clapping, making short little yip, yip, yip, yip noises or all things that encourage the dogs to come. In this case the cheese worked. When your puppy comes to you, be sure to prize him, and never, never ever call your dog to you and then punish him. Dogs connect the punishment to the recall, not to the garbage can they were digging into 30 seconds earlier. So we’re going to work a little bit with this little puppy. This is Barto and we’re going to work on him coming. Well, he knows I have the cheese. Come. Good. So see I called him from just a few feet away, you want to set your dog up to succeed also by gradually building distractions into your work, whether sit or especially the come. Hi little puppy. …come. Good. So a little bow, backing up, clapping, whistling, all those thing to get your puppies attention and then you say the word come, when he’s already coming to you and don’t forget random reinforcement. So that’s how to teach a puppy to come.


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