Dangers of Kennel Cough in Dogs

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Learn when to take your dog to the vet for kennel cough in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

So for a smaller breed dog, I would fill the syringe to for 1/2 tablespoon. You would open the dogs mouth, open towards the cheek and insert it in and then you can give them the cough syrup. Probably talk to your veterinarian about how frequently you should give the cough syryup and most veterinarian's do recommend giving cough syrup for severe coughing. If your dog is continuing to cough and is getting lethargic, then you might want to put the dog on antibiotics. Again, this is something that your vet is going to determine but it is not uncommon to put your dogs on course of antibiotics to make sure that it doesn't become more serious infection. If yhou find that your dog is very lethargic and breathing very shallowly, then you want to bring them to the veterinarian specialist. They are probably going to take lung x-rays and test with oxygen levels. If the dog is trying to avoid coughing when coughing becomes very uncomfortable, the dog can start to avoid coughing by taking shallow breaths and the more shallow breath they take, the less oxygen is coming in and it will actually reduce the level of blood oxygen in their body. So if the case becomes very extreme, the dog might need some medical attention. They might need to have oxygen placed inter nasally. They might need to be on IV-fluids. A kennel cough can be something that is fairly mild and dogs get over in a day or two and it can be something that will cause your dog to wind up in the hospital for a couple of days and we just talked about a couple of things to do to help care for them.


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