How to Reward your Dog

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Learn how to reward your dog during training in this free dog training video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Train Dogs Not to Jump on People
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Video Transcript

So it is very important when you are working on anything with your dog that you reward the dog for success. If you dog is getting it they are doing the right thing you want to make sure that you reward them you don't want to we want to make sure that we don't always just tell the dog what they are doing wrong, we like to let them know what they are doing right as well. So we are doing a example of we are going to do a off leach greeting we are going to see how this works. Do a off leach greeting and if Raven does the right thing and greet politely we are going to reward here for that. Here Munchiken good girl, can I have your mousse, can I have your mousse baby, beautiful mousse thanks very much. Put that away over here for now. Okay you ready come around this way, come around good girl, let's go say hi to Wes, let's go good girl, Raven sit, good girl. Hi! How are you? Good. Good job so I'm going to give Raven a reward cause she did such a good job and then Wes can enact with her. Raven can you shake, come here, good girl Raven. There you go. Good girl. So Raven gets a lot of attention, a lot of focus for being such a good girl. Alright now that she is all excited to see Wes we are going to try this again. Come on Munchiken let's go, let's go, good girl. We are going to try and do it a little bit more with a little bit more excitement because we are going to be testing her right now. When you first start working with a dog you want to set them up for success and so you want to instead of using mono tone hi, how are, and keep everything mono tone we are going to do it again we are going to be a little bit more excited cause we are going to test her the excitement might get her a little bit more peppy and might be likely to jump. So lets see how she does with this okay Raven let's go say hi to Wes. Hey Wes how are doing? Do you want to say hi to my really cute dog? Yes. Good job yes that was very good Raven. She like somebody please take my foot. Good. So Raven did really well even thought the energy level and the excitement was really high but this is how you want to do it you want to start off quiet slow hi how are you keep everything very mono tone oh good puppy and as they get better and better you can pick up the energy level because think about that might be how a kid might greet them and we want the dog to know it doesn't matter what the people are doing or how excited the people are being they still it is not appropriate to jump when they greet.


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