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Learn a basic recipe for canning and preserving your own sauerkraut, in this free recipe video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Can Fruits & Vegetables
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Video Transcript

The first step when you’re are going to prepare a sauerkraut is to get your cabbage ready. Usually you have to discard the first one or two outer leaves. They’re usually damaged, but the rest of the cabbage is usually good. Then you want to cut your cabbage. You seldom cut your cabbage directly in the middle like you would do with a small cabbage. Usually you will want to cut it a little bit on one side because the middle is very hard. That will make you end up with these wedges. Then you want to cut your cabbage as finely as you really can. We want to keep it finely sliced if we can, because the reason being, in the process of fermentation, the fermentation will be uniform and will get to the very depth of the cabbage, and that it will release the cabbage juices. So now we’re going to load our cabbage for doing our sauerkraut. We’ll make like one level, and then spread a little bit of caraway, caraway seed, or fennel seed is even better. And some salt. Some people- there’s like two can here—some people say it has to be rock salt. Some other people think that doesn’t make sense. They will each kill the other if they have the chance because they believe sauerkraut depends on that one trick. So one when you’ve got it completely packed, you can a couple leaves on top that are just going to be waste but precisely because they will be in contact with air. And then you want to close it. you want to put it in a container where the excess liquid will overflow, and then you want to put it in a fresh place to sit for something like three to four days so that it gets to have its own fermentation. Depending on the weather, maybe a few more days, maybe less. You don’t want it to get too hot- fermentation may get messed up. And then, enjoy your sauerkraut!


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