Teaching a Dog to Stand in the Show Ring - Part 1

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How to teach a dog to stand at attention in the show ring in this free online video series.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Elise for Expert Village.com and in this short video clip we are going to be talking about how to teach your dog to stand for confirmation dog show handling. We are going to be using Tai who is actually a AKC championship. He is a four year old black natural male Briard. First thing your dog needs to do is how to stand, stay. Most of us teach our dogs how to sit and down and in fact default behavior in most dogs is to sit. Very important in confirmation is that dogs know how to stand. Tai sit. So from a sit position, I want to be able to have the dog go into a stand with a verbal signal. Tai, stand. When your dog knows a difference between sit, stand, yes then you are ready to begin your work. If your dog does not know the difference you are going to want to start using luring. Once they are sitting, teaching a dog how to stand. Yes and then giving him a cookie. Okay, so we are going to have time to do a stand and wait. This way, we are going to do this one from a down. Tai sit. Down, Wait. Tai stand, wait. Yes, okay. What we want is the dog to be standing still not standing and moving forward or standing in fidgeting. We are going to do this again. Tai sit, Wait, Wait. What I am doing here is marking his behavior with a verbal behavior marker, yes. In other videos we used a clicker. Once the dog is still for a certain period of time and in the beginning we started with a short period of time just a couple of seconds, we marked the dog and we rewarded the behavior. Tai Sit, down, wait. Tai stand, wait. Yes. Good boy. Okay,


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