Dog Collars & Leashes for a Dog Show

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Learn tips on different kinds of dog collars and leashes used in the show ring in this free online video series.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this Elise from Expert In this short video clip we are going to be talking about working with different collar and leash types for the show dog ring. Specifically right now we are going to be talking about confirmation and showing. So if you look right here, we have got one style of leash which is called a snake chain and that snake chain is attached directly to the leather lead. The way this works is you thread the chain through the hoop and it goes on the dog’s neck like this with a chain coming out the top and on the handlers left. Another very similar type, this is just simply in a different color but this is actually attached to the leather leash by a hook. You would thread the dog’s snake chain the same way and you hook it to the leash this way. Demonstrate putting it on a dog. Tai come. So again when you put this the dog is always in the show confirmation and the dog is always on your left and you need to have the leash coming out on the left hand side. So we just thread it over the dog’s head like this. You want to have the leash high up on the dog’s neck and you can work with the dog like so. The third kind of leash collar system that I want to show you today is called a Martindale and this is all one piece and it fits around the dogs. There is one circle like this and when it closes it closes up tight. So you would fit around the dog’s neck, Tai, just like this. It is going to ride in the same spot on the dog’s neck and you would hold the leash like this. A lot of it is a matter of preference. Some might be a matter of what is typically used in a particular breed but I think a lot of is what you are comfortable using when you are walking the dog. In one of the future videos, we are going to talking about gaiting your dog on one of these leashes. I hope you join us then.


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