Teach Your Dog when & where to Go to the Bathroom

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Learn how to teach a dog to use the bathroom while house training a dog in this free video.

Part of the Video Series: How to House Train a Dog
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Video Transcript

In this video series we are talking about house training your dog. If you would like to find out more about my services, you can visit my website at canineheadstart.com. So in this clip we are going to be talking about how to teach your dog to go to the door and also a type of signal you can teach your dog to let you know he is at the door. We want to, when we are teaching our puppies to go out to go potty; we always put it on cue and go to this door. It helps if you go to the same door each time. If you’re going to the door, you’ve got your puppy. Let’s go Raven and you can say let’s go outside. Let’s go outside. Let's go outside. Good girl. You use the same verbal cue each time you go to the door and if you get a bell or a couple of bells that you put on your door, you can even teach the dog that the sound of this bell means that they are going to go outside for a potty break. Raven, let’s go outside. Go pee? Ring the bell, open the door and take your dog out for a potty break. Some dogs learn on their own to come to the door and bark or come to the door and hit the door to alert somebody in the house that they are at the door and they need to go out. But it is quite important if you are not going to be visually looking at the puppy as they get older and they’ve got more freedom in the house, it is very important that they know to come to a specific door and let people who are in the house know that they need to go out. Again, they can bark, hit the door or they can ring a bell. One thing you want to be cautious of is when they have given you a signal that they want to go out is that you take them out for a potty break. Not a play break. So if this means taking out on leash until they go for a pee or a poo or taking them out off leash but not allowing them to sit there and play. We don’t want to have the dogs manipulating us to let us take them outside every time they feel like going outside to play.


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