Changing the Grinding Disk on a Handheld Grinder

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Learn how to use a handheld grinder to grind down and polish weld to the height of the surrounding metal structure free power tools video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Use a Handheld Grinder
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Video Transcript

On behalf of Expert Village, I'm Terry. And today I'm going to show you how to use a hand held grinder. Now to change the grinding disk, there's usually a button. Sometimes it'll be on the side, it will lock your armature from turning. Then you can just take and unscrew that. Then your mantle on that will come off. These are called mantle nuts. I will now take saving disk. This is like a sanding pad. It's just like a bunch of little pieces of sand paper glued together and then grinds it on to a wheel. This is want I want to take this weld down even farther. If you can see, I can lay that flat, just like the polishing machine you see in the stores on the floor, when they polish. it. I can lay that flat and that'll get this whole surface smooth and even. I've got that grinded down now. I tried to lay it as flat as I could to keep it even. Now, you see how all this metal looks uniform and the same. You really can't tell, except for these joints right here, where the weld starts and begins right there. They all look the same. That's just the second step. Now I can take that even farther and finish that out with another pad. Once again, I used the button. You can really change that really fast. It makes it nice. It comes with a wrench. But that's if it's like really tight on there. There you go. Now you see no lines on either side of the weld. All you see is the weld in the center of the valley. It's nice and smooth and professional looking. Now as you can see, there are no lines on either side of the weld. The only places you see is where the weld stops, is where it starts and stops in the valley where to two pieces are joined together. So if I was to fill all that in, you would think that was one solid piece. So great if it?s exposed and great if its not. If you paint over it, it just looks like a solid piece of metal.


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