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Cooking a Tagine is easy with these tips, get expert advice on cooking recipes and Moroccan dishes in this free video.

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This recipe takes about 40 minutes to prepare, and about two hours of cooking time. It serves 8 generous portions and if you loose sight of the steps, and the ingredients they are all listed on our website at In Morocco, the word "tagine" refers to both the cooking vessel and the finished product of the stew. There's two kinds of cooking vessels, there's serving tagine and cooking tagine. This is a beautiful serving tagine with a black and the blue decorations on the ceramic, notice the conjucal lid which is unique to the tagines. This tagine can only used for serving. So you will make your food in the cooking tagine and serve it in this one to serve it at the table and lift the lid in front of your guests. It can't be used in the oven or on the stove because the ceramic hasn't been fired in a high enough temperature and it would crack and break. The kind of tagine that we're going to use today is called a cooking tagine. This one is by Emile Henry it can found in higher end kitchen shops. It's unique because it has been fired, the ceramic has been fired at high temperature that it can withstand the heat both on top of the stove and in the oven. Again, it's the conjucal shape that makes them unique. I like to use this type of tagine, because it means we can brown the meat, in the, in the base of the tagine on top of the stove and then we can finish the stew in the oven with the lid on. One further point about this tagine is that of interest is that the conjucal shape is not just a fad or a trend it's actually where the steam comes and the juices rise when you're cooking and then they slowly fall down into the base of the dish ans that?s what makes the meat so divinely tender to eat and what makes all the flavors melt together.


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