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Learn how to add butter to a filet mignon sauce in this free cooking recipes with alcohol class on video.

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Well we are on to our next step we have actually put our sauce in the strainer and what we are doing is we are actually squeezing all the solids to get all the juice out to make our final gravy. So remember we came along and let this sit for about ten minutes and we are taking the press and just straining all the excess liquid out of it. You want to make sure to really press the solid because we want to get all the juices out of there because that way it is going to give our sauce the flavor. So as you can see we got most of it out. It is not really dripping anymore so go ahead and take the solids and put those aside we are just going to discard this. All we have left is that nice gravy, what we need to do now is just put the gravy into the pan. And we are going to turn this up to about medium and you know medium, medium low. We don't want this to actually boiling too much you just want it to simmer because now we are actually going to be putting the butter into it. So now we need to let that warm up and just the last four tablespoon of butter go ahead and cut them up and we are only going to be putting this in one at a time. Then we are going to whisk this through so it blends really well into the mixture so go ahead and take your first tablespoon of butter. Put it into the pan because what we want it to do is we want to blend this, we want to make sure it blends well with the sauce. So go ahead and take your whisk and just start whisking the sauce and we only want to do this one time at a time cause we want to make sure the butter is mixed in really well in there. So just go ahead and put it in there and just whisk it and we want to make sure to blend that butter really nice into it. Now we also need to seasoning this, there is still a little bit so we need to add some salt and pepper. Now there is no certain ounce that you need to put in there you actually have to do that according to taste. So just put a little bit at a time and taste it until it is the right taste that you want it to be. So go ahead and grab your pepper and just put a little bit in there not too much we don't want this to overwhelm the taste and then do the same thing with the salt. You just want to put a little bit of the salt in there and once again this is just for seasoning. We need to put the salt in there because remember we used unsalted butter for this and then take your whisk again and just whisk that nice together. As you can see the butter is already starting to melt we don't want this to boil too much so go ahead and reduce the heat. We just want to barely simmer and just take your whisk and make sure to blend all together. You can see the butter shrinking in there, you want to make sure that the pepper, the butter and salt are mixed well together. Now I still have three more tablespoon of butter to put in here and we need to put these in one at a time. But this is how we finish our sauce to get ready to put in our fillet mignon.


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