How to Grind on Other Parts of a BMX Bike

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Learn about the other parts of the BMX bike you can grind on besides the pegs in this free instructional video lesson on BMX grinding and peg tricks.

Part of the Video Series: BMX Peg Tricks & Grinds
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Video Transcript

You will probably find that if you start watching anymore modern BMX videos, that there are a lot of times that people will be doing grinds and it's not on their pegs. Seems a little bit weird for those who are very peg dependent but a lot of the people who are doing these pegless grinds are doing them on areas of their bikes that basically emulate grinds with pegs. You got people doing all sorts of drop out grinds, you know grinding on the drop out without a peg, peddle grinds which are usually used in place of a back peg and then crank arm slides where you are generally sliding only on your crank arm and there's a whole variety of different grinds that you can do that don't involve your pegs at all. I generally wouldn't recommend starting out doing pegless grinds. Usually if that is a direction you want to take your riding; learning how to do all the grind tricks that you want to do with your pegs on wil at the very teach you how to do it and be a little bit more precise so that you won't reck your bike nearly as badly. Most of those tricks that people do with no pegs is really just an invitation of a trick that is done with pegs. You know peddle feeble grinds, peddle icepicks, drop out smith grinds that type of thing. One of my personal pegless grinds is crank arm slides actually and that is something that I would say isn't really any sort of an invitation of any peg grind. You know it really a little bit something different. So basically don't limit yourself necessarily to using only your pegs to slide around on. This is a whole different variety of tricks that you can do without pegs on your bike at all and it opens up a whole new set of challenges. You will wreck your bike a little bit quicker so don't complain to your mom that all of a sudden if you find you are going through forks really fast because you are doing drop out smith grinds or anything. But if you keep that in mind and are looking for a new challenge with your riding something that might spice it up especially if you are bored with the same old peg ride tricks, taking your pegs off and doing some pegless grinds may be just what you need to spice up your riding.


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