How to Skin Peppers

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After the steam has penetrated between the skin and the pepper in the paper bag, they're easy to peel; learn this and more in this free online cooking video about French food taught by a culinary expert.

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Video Transcript

So, remember those peppers that I put into the bag about fifteen minutes ago. They've cooled down and this is sort of, remember the skin was blackened and you say oh gosh it going to look like I burnt my sandwiches. But actually, it's no problem because the steam from the bag comes between the skin and the flesh of the pepper making so that you can actually peel the skin right off the peppers. These may need another minute actually to get top come off. You can also put it back on the cookie sheet as you brought it out and just put a tent of tin foil over it even. And you see how the flesh is now nice and soft and you don't have the toughness of the - see how it just slides right off. So, when you bite into it, bite into you sandwich, you know how it is, you drag the whole pepper out with that bit. O.k. so I'll finish those in a second. And those are all the vegetables off the grill. Look at all the beautiful grill marks on those. Now, you can grill so many things on the barbecue. Ah, just for that corn salad, we could have done a grilled corn salad even. Ah, you can grill tomatoes if you like. I particularly like cherry tomatoes grilled but you have to do those in a basket as well as smaller items. Smaller mushrooms of course we've got the shitakes here which don't slip through the grill. But if you were doing smaller mushrooms then you might want to put them in a basket as well as carrots you can do that way. Onions, fennel, leeks and asparagus. Asparagus, the way that I do that is I had the pleasure of going and picking my own last summer and if you just thread it with a skewer and place they almost look like racks. Just thread multiple asparagus and put them right on the grill with some olive oil so good and then drizzled with some lemon juice. Just wonderful! So, I'm going to finish taking the skin off these last - look. Perfect!


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