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Now we are going to demonstrate a technique for clarifying butter and this is a ban marie actually which has a stock pot and some water about this high. I've brought it to a boil and on top of the actual pot acting as a lid, I've used a stainless steel mixing bowl and I've just thrown in a whole block which is a one pound brick of butter. This keeps the butter from scorching because we are using a gentle steam to actually break the butter down. What we are going to do is just kind of skim the top of this and what we are getting is the milk fat and we want to pull those off the top. There will need some residual that will end up on the bottom but what we will do with those is we will actually just pour that through a strainer and we will show you the finished product. This is essentially what the clarifying process means. Now we are going to continue with the butter clarifying process. I've pulled the bowl off the stock pot and the steam bath and I am just slowly going to pour the liquid that is left which is essentially purified butter fat. I am pouring it through a double layer of cheese cloth on the top and another double layer on the bottom of the strainer. So essentially it is going through five layers of straining so that we can trap the milk solids that we weren't able to capture off of the top with our spoon during the skimming procedure. Once you get to the bottom, I pretty much stop because there is a lot of milk fat solids on the bottom as well as some residual water. I am going to stop and simply pour this over into the bowl and what is left, is the nice purified butter fat.


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