Removing Skin from a Roasted Pablano Pepper for Beef Picadillo Poblano Peppers

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Learn how to remove skin from a roasted pablano pepper to make beef picadillo poblano peppers with expert cooking tips in this free Mexican cuisine video clip.

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Video Transcript

So my poblano peppers have been sitting in the baggie for about a 1-2 it's given enough time to steam and that's what we want. So because poblano peppers can be very hot and the oils on the peppers can be hot I'm going to wear plastic gloves to protect my hands from the burn. So there's been many times when I have done these and forgotten to wear gloves or didn't have any gloves and really have burn my hands, they will burn for days if you do a lot of these. So we're going to wear gloves today so for my first one here be careful they are so hot I'm just very easily going to peel away the skin. See how easily it came off, now some people really like to make sure they get every little piece of skin off I kind of think the char gives it like a unique nice flavor. I tend to like it now if you don't like the char flavor don't worry about it just pull it right off. You can also do this under running water but I feel like that takes away a little of the flavor so I just kind of do it like this. That looks pretty darn good to me perfect, go ahead and set this one to the side and on to the next two. This one is really hot. With my hands I'm going to push away the skin another great pepper to use if you have access to them is the New Mexico hot chile's and I know they only come out once a year, but they make for great chili rellenos. Like I said bell peppers they're available pretty much all year round so if you can get poblano peppers in your area or they're not in season go ahead and go with one of those and that's a safe bet too. Our second one is completed if you ever go to a restaurant you see why these are so expensive now you can kind of appreciate why, they take quite a bit of work. But they're definitely worth the work okay, our last one here we're just going to pull away the skin. Another trick is if they are very hot and you're not use too handling a lot of hot things you can put two or even three pairs of gloves on and a lot of times that will really help keep your hands from burning. That is what our peeled poblano peppers will look like.


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