How to Roast a Poblano Pepper for Beef Picadillo Poblano Peppers

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Learn how to roast a poblano pepper for beef picadillo poblano peppers with expert cooking tips in this free Mexican cuisine video clip.

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Video Transcript

So I got my picadillo going, I got it simmering at a low temperature and I'm just going to let it cook while we get everything else ready. What we're going to go ahead and do is fire roast our poblano peppers and I have 3 here that I'm going to do. In order for us to do this we're going to do this on the stove top and I got my burners turned up too high. If you don't have a gas oven you can do this in electric oven, just place it on a sheet pan in your oven under broil until it gets nice and blistered, your skin of the poblano pepper. So here we go with that I'm going to place one and then two and I'm going to place this one back here and you're going to hear the skin start crackling. What we're looking for is for the skin to turn a nice black color and we're going to flip it periodically so that we get the whole thing nice and black. So my poblano peppers have been on the fire for just a few minutes here so I'm going to turn the fire off, and we're going to go ahead and remove them from the fire. As you can see with the light all the skin has been charred and you'll see that it comes real easy to peel off. You want to remove the skin on your poblanos before we make these because your skin can be really tough and chewy. It also makes for a really nice flavor it gives it a really nice smoky flavor whenever you do that over the fire.


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