Adding Color to Candy Apples

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Learn how to add color to candy apples, a healthy dessert and fun Halloween party treat, with expert cooking tips in this free dessert video clip.

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Video Transcript

Alright after you put in all your sugar and let it cook for twenty five to thirty minutes. But sometimes it doesn't actually you know sometimes the cooking process for candy, is all about keeping an eye on it. So I'm going to do a test to make sure that my candy ready so tasting it is the key. What you're going to do with candy get it and then throw it in ice bath water here and then see if is ready, is going to go all the way out. Here we go, then I'm going to let it sit if is hard is ready. In this case is nice and crispy you hear that sound, so once you have that nice crisp click we are on to the next step. So clicking on to orange this is our orange flavoring I'm going to add in but nice citrusy flavoring for the candy apple. So once you add that then next you going to have your own nice butter flavor, our butter flavor is a nice soothing you know you. You want to have a nice taste to it so even flow. So once you pour that in you know at least half a tea spoon of the flavoring so next is all about to what color you want. The color I'm going to create with the red and yellow we are going to create orange. So what I'm going to do is add a little red and then stir that in, not too much red you don't want to make too powerful. Then I'm going to add some yellow to contrast and bring out the orange, so then stir all that in. Watch your fingers you don't want a smile and have your burning saying oh my gosh, you know. So make sure you whip it in stir and if you need to add a little more yellow to make it a deeper orange, go ahead. Do what you feel and you can add other colors, as well. Like I said even blue is a nice color for you if you are feeling down and out. But if you are feeling the spirit of a good old Irish man click click add your green, so as I'm saying that click click I'm clicking onto the next step.


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