How to Use a Cheese Knife

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Using a cheese knife to cut a semi-soft or hard cheese and proper slicing technique; tips, tricks and more in this free online cooking video that will teach you about chef knives with tips from an expert.

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Video Transcript

LAURA BANFORD: Now I'm going to show you some miscellaneous knives and their uses. This is a cheese knife and it's used not for a soft but for a semi-soft or hard cheese to make slices. This is a Jarlsberg cheese, nice Switzerland Swiss cheese. I'm going to cut the rind of the top of it. Just get rid of it and show you how I'd make a nice slice. Nice, nice thin slice with my cheese knife. There are other kinds of cheese knives but this is for a block cheese like a cheddar or a swiss. Like a nice uniform cut. Now you can slap that on a sandwich and make a grilled cheese with it or just add a--make a cheese plate out of it. Still one more and you're basically doing a downward movement, a fluid downward movement, no rocking, no sawing with your cheese knife. Now for something completely different I'm going to make some segments in a piece of citrus, this is an orange. Not special in any way but I peeled it. I have my nice, long pointy vegetable knife. And I want to make segments which means I want to get the fruit out from between the white pith. I'm just going to go along the pith as you would to go along the skin of something to se--not to lose any flesh but to separate the segment. There you go. Look at that, beautiful. Let's do it again. Let's pick a nicer one right here. Got to go just inside the white pith and all you want is the flesh. Now you're going to make a fruit cocktail or an ambrosia, you know that old fashioned retro dish with marshmallows and fruit? Ain't that beautiful. And you want to separate the segments. Here we go.


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