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Learn tips on how to properly cook stuffed cabbage in this free video clip on cooking.

Part of the Video Series: Cooking Traditional Kosher Dishes
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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Karen for Expert Village our cabbage rolls are all rolled we got about 20 cabbage rolls now you take the sauce and you spoon it over here you want to use a lot of sauce on that, spoon that over, we'll actually just dump all of that over there and we're going to cover it with foil so we want to protect it from the foil the tomato sauce from the foil. So you can either use pieces scraps of the cabbage and lay that all over or I'm going to use a piece of baking paper and then I'll cover it with foil. Cover it really tight because it's if you want it nice and tight because it's going to steam the rice in the cabbage roll. So put lot's of foil and wrap that nice and tight and we're going to cook that in a 350 degree oven for about 3 to 4 hours until the rice is and the meat is cooked all the way through. Our stuff cabbage has been cooking for about 3 hours and a 350 degree oven it's all finished now as you can see I put on the pan a layer of baking paper because it will bubble over a little bit while it's cooking. And nice and steamy hot and let me take one out for you and put it on the plate, there's a cabbage and we'll just cut it right in half, see how nice, and you can serve it with a little bit of the tomato.


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