Making Crab Meat Stuffing For Stuffed Shrimp

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How make crab meat stuffing for stuffed shrimp stuffed shrimp with crab meat stuffing; get expert tips on making seafood recipes in this free cooking video.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Chef Donn O. and today we are going to precede to our crab meat stuffing. First we are going to need some bread crumbs. I use whole wheat bread, I'm going to chop this up in the food processor. This is a pretty much a binder that is going to hold the stuffing together. Here we go fresh whole wheat bread crumbs. Next we would do a fine mix one our mirepoix. Mirepoix is basically carrots, celery and onions. Classic they use yellow onions for mirepoix but I need red onions though. It depends on what you are making and what your preference is but if you hear the term mirepoix that is mainly your celery, carrots and onion mixture. So I would save both and I would say let us make our mirepoix and remind you that it is celery, carrots, and onions. It is classic a French term if you are in any culinary circles or your are watching cooking show on television you hear the term mirepoix now you know what it is. So we do not need all of this just a quarter like so. I always make more filling then what I need just in case we need to do a redo. Okay very fine minced as you can see okay. Now we would set this aside. Now we are going to precede with making our crab meat stuffing for the shrimp. First thing I have about a half cup of crab meat here. You can buy this at the grocery store in large crab meat very good quality. You always want to fill through the crab meat to make sure you do not have any shells. This seems like a clean batch so we are good there. Now what we do we are going to combine the mirepoix not all of this mirepoix with the bread crumbs. Let us go with about a third, our crab meat. We are going to mix this that is a good looking mixture. So we are going to add one egg, mix it up. Here we go very nice. Okay once we have this mixed it is time to add the rice. Check the rice it looks good. This is Jasmine rice my favorite you can tell the grains are nice and long whole pieces of rice. If you are using rice us long grain. Do not use the bargain rice, rice is cheap any how. Use extra long grain you would have a better product. The rice is perfect so we would add that to our stuffing. Okay the rice would also absorb some of the excess liquid in the stuffing so as this bake it would tighten up. What you want you want this to boil up. This is very, very delicate but you want to be able to ball it so.


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