Cleaning Shrimp For Making Stuffed Shrimp

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Learn how to clean shrimp for making stuffed shrimp with crab meat stuffing in this free seafood cuisine recipe from our expert executive chef.

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Video Transcript

Okay now we are going to clean our shrimp. The best way to peel these is to hold it up and scratch down the legs breaking all the membranes there and just roll the shell up like so. We want to keep this last piece of the shell and the tail intact. Simply for garnish purposes, it looks a lot better. So we will peel these, just scratch it, peel it like so. We are going to save the shells. We will be using the shells for the sauce. You can incorporate the shells when you are reducing the liquid or cooking in the shrimp and it enhances the nice flavor of the sauce, so you have a nice seafood flavor. Now we need to clean the shrimp. But what you do we are going to cut down the back side. You can tell by how the shrimp is curled like this, this is the back. Okay and usually when I trim these, I'll trim it on the board. Some people hold the shrimp up and use the knife and it's not safe. You have the knife, you can keep the knife on the cutting board like so that way you won't cut yourself or not as easily. You have more control of the knife so I am just going to make this slice down the back side like so and we are almost there. Once these are sliced, we will rinse the crevice out with water and what this does, will be washing this out. This is pretty much wasting your shrimp so we need to get all that out. Okay so what we will do is rinse off the shrimp each one. Okay now the shrimp are clean and we are going to set these aside and check our rice and then make our bread meat stuffing.


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