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When preparing the pizza dough for homemade pizza recipe, stretch pizza dough and techniques for hand tossing pizza dough with advice in this free instructional video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Greg Goldberg, you can reach us at In this segment we are going to talk about stretching the dough for the pizza. First thing you need to do is flour your dough. By doing this you don't need to flour your surface. You then place the rough side down and begin pressing with the tips of your fingers. You doing this to make the dough circular number one and just flatting it down a little bit. Once you get to about there you flip it over so the smooth side down and you just make gentle stretching motions. Again trying to keep it as circular as possible. When you get to about this sizes you can begin to hand toss the dough. You do this by lifting it gently and placing on your knuckles. The motion to stretch dough is very simple you move your knuckles apart and you rotate and you move your knuckles apart and you rotate. You keep doing this until you reach the desire size for the dough. This is the old traditional New York style stretching dough. A couple of things to remember if you do happen to tare the dough you can always replace it and fix it. There is a specific way to do it. Say I have a tare in this pizza like that normally that would destroy the pizza all you have to do is grab the dough fold over, and press firmly into place. It is very important that this crack seals all the way. Otherwise sauce would leak through and the pizza would be destroyed. Continuing on you see how for the most part pretty strong. Once we reach the desire size we can place it on the pizza peal that we are going to flour and rub it into the grain. It is very important so the pizza wouldn't stick. Finally you place the pizza on the peal and arrange in a circular fashion.


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