Egg Wash a Loaf of Challah Bread

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Learn tips and details on how to egg wash the Challah loaves and set them in the oven in this free recipe video clip on bread baking.

Part of the Video Series: How to Bake a Traditional Challah Bread
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Video Transcript

our 3 and our 4 strand loaves has finished rising they have been rising for about a half of hour. Now we are going to remove the plastic and make a egg wash and put a little of traditional toppings of poppy seeds and sesame seeds on them. To make a egg wash simple crack a egg into a bowl and beat that up nice and even. Then take a pastry bush and just lightly wash the loaves with the egg wash. You don't want to push down on the loaves at all because it is full of air right now and you don't want to deflate that, that bread dough at all so you push down hard you can possibly deflate the dough. So you just want to brush very gently, very lightly. This egg wash would give the dough a nice shine to it and a yellow color from the egg yolk. Just brush that very lightly all over and gentle very gently. Don't get to much on egg on there or you have or yo would see the egg. You just want to do a nice light glaze of egg. Okay on our four strand loaf we are going to put some poppy seeds just sprinkle those poppy seeds on this is a traditional topping you for challah and then on our three strand loaf we are going to sprinkle it with sesame seeds which is also a traditional topping for challah loaf. Now we are ready to place our loaves in the oven. We want to place them on the center rack so there is plenty of room for the dough to rise because it will rise even more in the oven now and we are going to bake this for about 30-40 minutes. Okay we are going to put this right in the center of the oven and there is plenty of room there for those loaves to grow and we would set our timer for 35 minutes. In 35 minutes we would check it and see if they are done they might need another 5-10 minutes depending upon if they are brown enough and if they sound hollow when thump on.


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