How to Prepare Bread for Making Bruschetta


Learn from our expert how to cut your bruschetta bread to get it ready to cook in this free cooking video on how to make bruschetta.

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Video Transcript

Today where talking about recipes for those who are on a diabetic diet. Alright now where gonna go ahead and talk about cutting our bread. Where going to need one full loaf, unsliced so make sure when you get it in from the store that it's one exact whole loaf. Because that will make things extra difficult later. So we take this where going to go ahead and cut it in half that way it will make it manageable. Put it to the side, where going to take this piece cut it down the side. So where going to create two equal pieces. And cut it and try to cut it right in the middle, so that way we don't have just the top and big bottom. Two pieces put it to the side. And the exact same thing with this one. And there you go I'm just going to put these to the side till you need them. Alright now I'm going to talk about melting our margarine for our Bruschetta. Ready to go ahead and get 4 table spoons of margarine, that?s about 1/4 of a cup, Just go ahead and take that unwrap it. And where going to drop this into a pan that?s already been on for a little bit. Let it melt now where go ahead and start instantly. Cut this down because we don't want this to melt to fast because then it will burn. Just enough the only way you can do this is actually through margarine and a microwave safe bowl and put it in the microwave. Just going to melt this. Just go ahead and mix it around if you have a wooden spoon that will work to, if not this will work just fine. Like I said we don't want it to burn to fast. And the quick way you can do this is actually is to have the margarine already sitting out when you start cooking, that way it will soften this process and will go by really fast. Now that everything is melted we can go on to our next step. Alright now since we've got the butter melted, alright now since we have our low fat margarine melted. Where going to go ahead and spread it on our bread. Just going to go ahead and get our brush, and just brush this on there, just like you would do with garlic bread. A couple of dabs, get it all the way around. Just spread it across, and you can go to the next one. Evenly distribute amongst all the pieces. You should have roughly four pieces right now. And there you go, now we can go to our next step.


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