Deep Fry Oysters

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Tips for deep frying oysters; learn how to make a deep fry batter out of flour, eggs and breading and techniques for deep frying oysters in this free video clip.

Part of the Video Series: 15 Things You Can Deep Fry
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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Melody on behalf of Expert Village I'm going to show you how to deep fried breaded oysters. We have some ingredients and we will go over here. Here we have some oysters that we bought at the store we bought in a jar. You could get them in many different ways plus just out of the ocean. So you pick your way to get your oysters just do this to cook them and you will be doing fine. You could actually do this type of cooking out on the barbecue and at the beach. We are going to put them onto some egg that as been beat, we are going to throw a little bit of flour on it and then we are going to put it onto a breading and smash the breading onto the egg and flour mix so it is covered very well. It looks lie this, we are going to set here for a second and we are going to do another on. See jsut put into a egg make sure that it is cover. Put into the flour that is the messy part it sticks to your fingers, get that breading in there and you clean off your hands. Then put them in the deep fryer our temperature is about 375 degrees and that is a okay temperature it could be a little bit less if you wanted to have a little bit more time watching to take them out. I'm just going to go ahead and set this down in there, try to keep them as flat as possible and I will just get them started and we would see how many minutes this takes. Alright I think this are just about done, I'm going ot take a look here. Okay those are nice and brown. Let me just grab a towel here my hands where a little damp I dont want start a bunch of grease thing going on. Alright we are we said that we where going to make you some nice breaded oysters and here we are, we try to keep them flat as possible. You decorate your plate with little vegetables and there you go. Thank you for watching our segment and good bye for now.


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