How to Shred Chicken for Pulled Chicken Enchiladas

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Learn how to shred chick to make pulled chicken enchiladas with expert cooking tips in this free easy Tex-Mex recipe video clip.

Part of the Video Series: How to Cook a Pulled Chicken Dinner
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Video Transcript

Now we're ready to get our chicken ready to assemble our enchiladas. To do that, we've already poached it. I've already allowed it to cool as well. With my fork, you can do this with your hands, we're just going to shred it like so. You really do kind of want to have shredded chicken for your enchiladas. It makes it a lot easier to eat as well as it makes it easy to roll them versus doing chunks of chicken. If you've got the chicken from your grocery store rotisserie again, allow that to cool and then you can go ahead and shred that. Thigh meat is really good to use. Thigh meat has really got a lot of great flavor. Just go ahead and remove the skin before you shred it because it wouldn't be very good with the skin in there, in my opinion. I've got a little bit of gristle, so I'm going to make sure I don't put that into my enchiladas. Set that aside over here. That's what will one chicken breast will look like. I've got 3 more to go. Overall, this recipe is very easy to make. Low fat. Your tomatillo salsa is very low fat. There's hardly any fat in it, if any at all. Our chicken, we're using chicken breast today, so that's pretty low in fat. Of course, we're using the corn tortillas. Now, we did fry them for just a second in the oil. You could also eliminate that step by just steaming them in the microwave and doing it that route if you would prefer. We didn't fry them for that long so it really didn't absorb too much oil. I really like the flavor that it adds when we do that, so I like to really make sure we do that. You really can make this a healthier option. We're using the Monterey jack cheese, and you can also use that option in getting a low fat mozzarella, skin mozzarella, if you can find a low fat Monterey jack as well. Almost done here. I've got one more to go.


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