How to Clean a Gas Grill

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Learn how to clean a gas grill with brushes and oil in this free cooking video on how to barbeque on a gas grill.

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Video Transcript

We’ve got a little bit of heat generated on the inside of our grill, and we’ve got a nice even flame going on both of the elements underneath. I’m going to go ahead and show you guys how to get this grill ready. The most important thing, and the mistake that a lot of people make is that their grill isn’t clean before they start throwing meat items or vegetables or anything on there. That can cause a lot of sticking, and it disrupts the even flow of heat that you’re trying to generate on the inside of your grill as well. I’ve got a two sided grill brush here, and these are brass bristles which I kind of like. They are flexible but firm enough to actually take stuff off. So we’re going to go ahead and give this guy a scrub. I had cleaned this earlier so there’s not a whole lot of residual on the grill now as we speak. You want to get a rougher brush first on this to knock off the excess soot if you will. There’s a scraper on there for really stubborn parts. Once you’ve gotten that taken off, there’s a Tupperware with some canola oil, and an old dishrag here. What I’m going to do is hang on to this dishrag with these tongs, and I’m going to rub this canola oil across the top of the grill to pick up any of the residual soot that might be left on. It’s kind of a dusty residue that’s left even after you scrape with the bristles there. You’ll get a little smoke coming off, and that’s okay. We know our grill is getting hot. Now I like to use canola oil, simply because it has a really high smoke point and is able to withstand really high heat. A lot of people fry with it, so it can withstand anywhere from 300 to 350 degrees. It’s a good oil for doing something like this, and it’s cheap as well. You don’t want to use a really expensive olive oil or something like that for this, because it’s not going to make sense to do that. So, I’m going to rub that down till it has a nice shine on there. We’ve also got some nice non-stick spray to further help our efforts as far as that goes. So I’m going to go ahead and clamp this lid down again, and let some of that oil kind of smoke off. And before I throw any protein items on there, I’m going to give it one last brush before the protein item hits the grill.


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