How to Poach Salmon Cooking Recipe Part 1

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Learn how to poach salmon fish recipe with an introduction to the first steps of this process in this free cooking video on how to prepare fish for recipes and seafood stock.

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Video Transcript

Hi! I’m Louis Ortiz on behalf of Expert Village. Today we’re going to show you as basic procedure and preparation for poached salmon. Poached salmon can be done on the stovetop or it can also be done inside the oven. I’ve seen it done many number ways. The whole poaching technique is based on submerging a filet of fish. Today we have a filet of Atlantic salmon in a broth that ranges in temperature from about 160 to about to 180 degrees. In a previous video, we’ve shown you how to make some fish stock, and that’s actually I’m going to be using, and I’m going to add some white wine to it as well. I’m choosing today to use a Pyrex dish. We’ve got the broth up to the temperature that we need, and we’re going to place the fish inside of here covered with the broth and finish it in the oven. Again, this can be done on the stovetop, in a sauté pan if you’d like, but today we just chose to do it in the oven. I think a lot of people are more familiar with cooking fish inside the oven and just baking it, so I chose to use this technique. The poaching enriches the flavor; it makes a really nice pretty moist filet. Also, we’re going to be cooking it within this seafood stock, this real nice seafood stock that we made from scratch, so it’s going to add a really nice element to the equation. We’re going to go ahead and wrap this guy up in some cheesecloth. I’m going to leave the skin on this fish, and it’s going to come off real, real easy after we finish cooking him. I want to show you that in another easy video once we’ve pulled him out of the oven. The idea behind the cheesecloth is so that we can pull the fish out easily enough. Make sure we’ve got enough room there. We’re going to wrap these two. I’m just using one layer. I’m going to leave the ends this way. There are special pans for poaching fish, so that this technique isn’t needed. It’s actually an insert that fits inside the pan that you can just pull out. I wanted to show you this way for those folks that didn’t have a poaching pan. Twist that. I’ve got some butchers here, and all we’re going to do is tie this into a simple knot. This will allow the poaching liquid to permeate into the fish. Again, this is going to be our presentation side that’s showing up, so it’s going to keep that looking nice and uniform as well. Another piece of here. Alright, so it’s all tied up and ready to go. I’m going to go ahead and snip off these ends so we don’t have a bunch of extra. We’ll come right back and show you how to get the pan ready and pour in the broth and add some fresh herbs and get this guy started.


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