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Learn and watch as our expert explain the fourth and final steps to prepare Salmon en Papillote in this free cooking video on how to prepare fish for recipes and seafood stock.

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Video Transcript

Hi! I’m Louis Ortiz on behalf of Expert Village, and we’re showing you the final product of our salmon en-papillote, which I told you before means balloon. I’m going to go ahead and pull this out of the oven. I started it at about 350 degrees and we lowered it a little bit. A good indicator that this done is that you’ve got some little light browning along the edges of the parchment paper. I’m going to ever so gently lift this guy out and put him inside the plate and move him. So, it’s a done deal. The total cooking process probably took about 15 minutes, no longer than that. I’ve got some asparagus and things in here. The whole object of this is that once you’ve cut the bag here, we open it up and this beautiful steam comes out and really great aromas come out of there. We used some seafood stock and some white cooking wine as well. Our butter pats, of course are melted, so essentially you have the finishing sauce within the bag itself. I’ve got some asparagus in there too, and that has been dancing around in the sauce essentially, so that’s kept the asparagus real nice and moist, and I’ve got some lemon and orange supreme on the top of this guy. This is just how you want to present it to the guest so that they can just open the bag up themselves and they can eat it out of here. It’s a real nice aromatic flavors and smells that are coming out of there. That’s the salmon en-papillote. Again, this will work with any fish species, pretty much any filet, whole fish even, and you can use any vegetables that you see fit and any fresh herbs.


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