Cooking Salmon En Papillote Recipe Step 2

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Learn about the second step on how to prepare Salmon en Papillote in this free fish cooking methods video for entrees and recipes.

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Video Transcript

Hi! I’m Louis Ortiz on behalf of Expert Village, and we’re back to show you the second part of the procedure for cooking fish and en-papillote style. En-papillote means that it’s going to be inside. Some people will misinterpret that and think it means bag, but en-papillote actually means balloon, which is what is going to happen to this parchment paper as the cooking procedure goes on. As heat is added, there’s going to be steam generated within the inside and it’s going to puff up like a balloon, so that’s where en-papillote comes from. What we’re going to do first is we want to season the fish with some dry seasonings. I’ve got some fresh cracked black pepper. We’re just going to kind of dust that onto the top. I’ve got some fresh ground sea salt here. We’re just going to do a fine grind on that so it looks nice and pretty not to over salt. Now that we’ve gotten the dry seasonings on, I’m going to go ahead and place our fish like so. Little bit of an angle there, okay. Next, I’m going to throw some herbs on top. This is just tyme. All I’m going to do really is just pick some of the leaves off of this fresh tyme and just sprinkle those on. I don’t want to overdo it. We still got some more things to sprinkle on. This is nice and convenient because essentially all the prep work and the seasoning and everything is done all in one. Then once you cook it, it’s done, obviously. I’ve got some basil. I’ve got, want some of that. I’m going to sprinkle some of that over the top, some little curlies. Alright, I also have some that I cut into small little slices and such, and I’ve got some corn, which I’ve taken off the stock. I’m just going to sprinkle that on there on the top. Like I said, all the prep work is down. It’s all inclusive, so you’re just putting all the sides and everything together all in one bunch. Okay. Now, at this point, I’m going to throw on just a couple of supremes, and I’ve got some lemon supremes here. I’m going to put a couple of those on. Then we’re going to get really crazy and put some orange supreme. Both of these supremes, the orange and the lemon, I’ve actually shaved off with a and added some zest to them so we can amplify the flavor as well. What’s left? Well, butter of course. We’re going to put a couple of pats of butter on the top. Now, I’ve got some made from scratch sea food stock, as well as some white cooking wine. I want to drizzle just a little bit over the top. There’s going to be moisture within the fish that actually comes out throughout the cooking process, but I’m going to kind of help it along so that we can create that steam that I was talking about. We’re going to pour just a tiny bit of the white cooking wine over the top. Like I said, you don’t want a whole bunch because you don’t want to just water log the whole balloon. I’ve got some seafood stock here. I’m going to pour just a little bit of that there as well, since we were making like a little reduction sauce throughout the cooking process. So, that’s everything that’s going to go in here. Now, at this point, you can add vegetables and I’ve got some asparagus. We can actually put a couple of these in here, and what’s going to happen is the vegetables and the fish will all be steamed together. So essentially, we’ve got a complete meal by the time all this is done. This is our assembly process. We’ve got all the ingredients that we’ve listed here. I’ll come back here in just a second and show you how to actually seal the bag and prepare it for cooking


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