How to Cook Chicken Fried Steak

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Techniques for cooking chicken fried steak to perfection; learn this and more in this free cooking video series about Southern food taught by a culinary instructor.

Part of the Video Series: Homemade Fried Chicken Recipe
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Video Transcript

All right, we are back to show you the southern style made from scratch chicken fried steak and we've got 3 beef cutlets here and we just got these from the grocery store. They have already been tenderized. Most grocery stores across America have these guys. I seasoned them liberally on the outside directly on the meat with a mixture of sea salt, fresh cracked black pepper and garlic salt as well. What I've done is I took them into a all purpose flour first and then we went into a milk and egg wash and then we went back into the flour; so essentially a double breading. These guys are ready. We've got our counter top fryer here that sets at about 340 degrees and it is giving us the green light, so that it is all ready. So I am going to just gently lower these guys in here and get that going. I'll lure this guy in there too. There's room for about 2 and we will come back here in just a little bit and show you the finished product. Okay folks, we are back with the southern style chicken fried stead as you say. So I'm going to pull these guys out of here and they are nice and done. I'm just going to let them drain off just a little bit and lay these on a paper towel and it will also pull off the residual oil. We just want to be kind of nice and gentle with them so that the breading actually stays on the cup the way that it needs to. We've got all one nice color there, nice golden brown color and again, let that residual oil drip off and just lay those gently on there and let those cool for just a second. Those guys are actually ready to serve with your country style gravy and your home made mashed potatoes hopefully. So enjoy those.


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