How to Make Sauce for Salmon

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Learn how to make sauce for salmon with expert cooking tips in this free romantic recipe video clip.

Part of the Video Series: How to Make Baked Salmon & Dessert
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Video Transcript

Now, to go with that salmon that's baking in the oven right now, I'm going to be doing just a really simple sauce to go with it. We're not going to fuss around and be doing any fancy sauces over at the stove; this dinner is supposed to be stress-free. So I'm just rolling the lemon to get as much juice as possible out of it. Sometimes actually, if you put it in the microwave as well, you'll get even more juice out of it. I'm just taking the seeds out, and what we want is - you saw on the top of the lemon - on top of the salmon, we've got those lemon slices, but obviously we're not going to be eating those, it's just sort of for decorative purposes, and it will take some of the flavor. But this little sauce will echo that as well. So I've got some mayonnaise that I've put in there, in the measuring cup, now that I've made sure there are no seeds, going to squeeze the juice that half, and not quite the whole second half. Now I'm going to whisk that, and you can see it's not quite thin enough to be a sauce, but if I added any more lemon juice it would just be too much of a lemony kick. So, I add to the simple sauce some milk. This is just one of those, you know when you go to those French restaurants, and they serve you the salmon and it's got that fancy little drizzle. And yet that little drizzle makes all the difference, because depending on the salmon sometimes it can be a little bit dry. Farm salmon tends to be a little bit more fatty than the wild salmon, but it can still be a little bit dry. See I still need some more milk--I've got way too much sauce here just for the two of us, but if you're making this for a crowd, which I often do, then it's ready. And then again, to echo the flavors and just to make the sauce look pretty, I'm adding some dill. You don't need to add any salt to this sauce because mayonnaise is already salty, takes care of that. And that's going to be ready to just drizzle over the top of your salmon when it comes out in just a few minutes.


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