Adding Ingredients to Crab Meat for Crab Cakes

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Adding seasoning and other ingredients to crab cake mixture; learn this and more in this free online instructional cooking video about seafood taught by an expert.

Part of the Video Series: How to Cook Lobster, Crab, and Shrimp
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Video Transcript

All right we are back to show you made from scratch crab cakes and I got 1 pound of regular lump meat and this is Blue Crab meat and this is the middle of the road. There is claw meat, regular lump and jumbo lump. So I've got some regular lump crab meat here in the mixing bowl and it is right at a pound and I've shown you in a previous video how to pick through this. This has all been picked through and it's nice and clean and there is no shell left. So what we've got here are our ingredients that we are going to throw in. Now I've got some fresh herbs here and it equates to about 1 ½ tablespoons, 1 ¼ tablespoons, give or take, and I've got some fresh basil in here, some fresh Thyme as well and we also got some fresh dill. So I use equal amounts of all 3 of those. Just chop those and throw those in there. I also got about 3 stalks worth of green onion and depending on the time of the year and where you get your green onions from and that kind of thing they can be really pungent. So what I like to do is put some white wine vinegar on top of them right after I've chopped them and I squeeze about a quarter of lime juice over the top of those as well to kind of knock down the real pungentness that comes off of these guys. So these have been marinating if you will. I've got some plain bread crumbs here that are just the store bought bread crumbs. I've got 2 tablespoons in each of these little containers here and then I have some Old Bay seasoning which is a classic and it is required in all crab cakes as far as I am concerned but you can use whatever you like. I've got some Old Bay and I've also got some garlic salt in there as well and I've got some mayonnaise that is store bought as well. So we are going to go ahead and folding things together here. So I am going to go ahead and put in my fresh herbs, knock those in, and then I am going to strain off the juice from these green onions and go ahead and dump those guys in, and a lot of recipes will call for using a rubber spatula, this and that. I love using these Latex gloves to cook in simply because you can fold this gently with your hands and it just gives you a nice feel for the food and the crab meat and such; just don't be too rough with it. Go ahead and mix these seasonings up and I am going to go ahead and sprinkle that over the top and get that folded in nice. Like I said I am just going to kind of gently fold all this together. Now a lot of the arguments come from how much bread crumbs you use or you go to a restaurant and get crab cakes and you pay a high dollar amount for crab cakes and there is too many break crumbs in there. This is a really nice ratio to use. As I said I've got 2 tablespoons in each of these containers and this is about a pound of crab meat. So I folded this together, to where it's nice and mixed and I am going to go ahead and put in my mayo, throw that in there and this is actually right at a quarter cup of mayonnaise and I am just going to kind of mix this with my fingers as well and if you want to use a rubber spatula and just fold it nice and gentle that's fine too. I just like cooking with my hands and mixing with my hands when I get an opportunity because it usually allows for real nice even distribution of all the ingredients which makes a big difference. All right so the only wet ingredient that we've really added in here is the mayo and this is the consistency you are looking at actually at this point. We are going to come right back and start with the bread crumbs and whole egg and I will show you what kind of consistency we are looking for in the second part of the mixing procedure.


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