How to Cook Boneless Tenderloin Steak

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Learn how to cook spicy boneless tenderloin steaks from a professional caterer in this free cooking video.

Part of the Video Series: Steak & Spicy Stuffed Potato Recipe
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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Matt, on behalf of Expert Village, and today we're going to learn how to make steak with spicy stuffed potato and collard greens with vinaigrette sauce. Ok, so now for the main event, our steak. What we're going to do with the steak is, we're going to poke holes in it, so it cooks thoroughly, like so. And remember the steak sauce that we made earlier? Well what we're going to do is, before we put it in the oven, we're going to brush it on, like so. Make sure you get the sides and then we're going to turn it over. We're going to poke holes on this side because we really want that steak sauce in. Then we're going to take our brush again, with our steak sauce and we're going to brush it one more time. Make sure you get all the sides and it'll seep into those holes, that we just poked and it'll just make it juicier and it'll just taste great. I can already smell the wine, this is going to be really really tasty. Then we're going to take some of our Montreal steak seasoning, and I found a Montreal steak seasoning grinder, so I'm just going to grind some of that on there. "I love Montreal steak seasoning, I think it's like the best invention ever." Ok, perfect, so now we're going to throw this in the oven and broil it and as we're doing that, every few minutes, we're going to go open it up, pull the rack out and we're going to take our brush and we're just going to brush our steak sauce, on the steak. So we're going to do that every few minutes to make sure that it just seeps in and every bite we get, we will taste that steak sauce. So I'm going to do that right now and then I will see you on the next step.


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