How Long to Bake Mac and Cheese

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Cooking tips for mac and cheese. Learn How Long to Bake Mac and Cheese in this free mac and cheese recipe from a professional caterer.

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Video Transcript

My mac and cheese has been out of the oven. It actually has had a chance to cool. I don't have crazy rubber hands; it just cooled for a few minutes. Now, I wanted to show you what you want to look for to tell when it's done. This was in there about 12 minutes, not long. Just long enough to kind of warm all the way through. Again, our pasta was already cooked. Of course, our cheese and everything had already been melted into a sauce. So, all we wanted was to kind of all those flavors to marry together and for it to get nice and gooey on the inside and on the top to get kind of golden brown. You can see, obviously it was already kind of yellow. Because, it's cheese. But, it's kind of almost a golden color now. And, the parmesan we sprinkled on almost gave it like a little crust on top. It definitely has that baked in the oven look to it. And, when I first brought it out it was kind of bubbling around the corners. Perfect! So, I think this one came out just right. Again, it was a little bubbling. A little golden on top, a little crispy from that parmesan cheese. I think it came out just right. Again, keep in mind the pasta is already cooked. However, before you put it in there make sure the pasta is a little al dente. Because, it finishes cooking in the oven. Just keep that in mind before you stick it in there. Now, let's get this on a plate and see what it tastes like.


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