How to Add Cake Mix to Make Dump Cake

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Watch and learn from our expert how to add the cake mix to your dump cake ingredients in the pan in this free cooking video on making chicken and rice with dump cake.

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Video Transcript

You don't even mix the cake mix. You do nothing to it but dump it on. You'll be amazed you don't even need the entire box of cake mix I don't think. I try to use my hand just to kind of so you just sprinkle this on top cover it completely and depending on how much you put on, it will depend on how thick your little crust is on top. I like it a little thick cause when we put the butter on it it's nice and rich, it's so good. Cake mix is a beautiful thing. It already has lot of basic ingredients you need for baking anything, it's already sweetened a little bit for you so it's just a perfect topping to put on. I think that is enough. I'm just going to smooth this out a little bit. Don't man handle it too much cause you don't want it mixing in with cherries. It needs to stay on top so make sure it covering everything out to the edges. I cannot see any cherries on top which is perfect; that was roughly half the box, not much at all. Now we're just going to put some butter on top. This is going to make it nice and golden brown. I talked about that earlier, I'm not going to cover this in the oven. This butter is just going to add a little bit more richness and flavor to it and it's going to make this dry topping into a nice, it's going to get some moisture into it. So it's a great crumbly topping and not so dry this butter is cold cause it makes it a little bit easier to slice off thin pieces of it. It doesn't have to be cold necessarily. I just find it easier to handle you are going to cover just about this entire dish with this thinly sliced butter. It will melt and spread out a little bit but I'm not scared of butter and also I've used this on this dish before is spray butter. That is really an easy thing it takes a lot less time you just spray to death make sure it's nice and wet, you have enough of th spray butter you don't want to do to light of a coating. But just spray the heck out of it and pop it in the oven. It's really easy I just didn't have any spray butter in my pantry. Again we're all about what we have one hand today. So if you have spray butter, use that it's so easy, so fast so I'm going to finish covering this with my little thinly slices of butter and then we'll stick it in the oven for a little bit.


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