Adding Salt Pork to Black Eyed Peas

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Learn how to add salt pork to make black-eyed peas in this free traditional American cooking video.

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Video Transcript

Today I am going to show you how to make black eyed peas. All right next up is our salt pork. You can also use bacon for this. Save the messiest for last. Just going to make a big greasy mess. But that's all right, it'll taste delicious. So what I want to do is cut this into fairly small pieces. If you leave big pieces like this, it is not going to work out quite the same way. First thing I will do is use a really soft knife and put it inside down; a really sharp knife I mean. Soft knife, listen to me. Hopefully you will get through it in one or two cuts. So take your time with it. Don't force it; let the knife do the work. See if I can get one more out of this. If you ever try slicing bacon, you know that cold bacon works better. Same rules apply for bacon as this. This works much better if it is cold. This is actually cutting it and it is pretty cold but not chilled cold. But it is colder than room temperature. I've hit a very hard part in cutting this one so I might just leave this one piece. Let's see if I can get through. The skin part right here, kind of hard to cut through but not impossible. So what I will do now is lay it flat like this and I will just make a gentle sawing motion to get through it and you are better off cutting it one piece at a time. If you try cutting multiple pieces, I will show you what happens. Unless it is really cold, you end of just smashing it and stuff like that happens and you just make a mess. That is why we don't cut multiple pieces at the same time. Like I said you want to cut this in a nice fairly even small pieces. What this is going to do it is going to flavor first of all, your onions and it is also going to flavor naturally the beans but it is also going to become the cooking fat that we are going to use to sautee the onions and you will see how we render that in a moment. Watch out for that skin because sometimes it just doesn't want to cut; it is difficult. So going to slice this all up here. All right, there is our salt pork that we will put back in our little dish and let's get started cooking our beans assuming that your beans have gotten done sitting in the water for overnight, so let's move on.


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