How to Carve a Stuffed Turkey

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Carving a turkey can be tricky, but it's easier when you know the best method for removing the meat and knives to use; learn this and more in this free cooking video taught by expert Chef Donno.

Part of the Video Series: Chef Donno's Stuffed Turkey Recipe
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Video Transcript

Okay, our gravy's looking great. I'm going to turn the heat down. One thing I'm going to add is a little fresh parsley. Don't have to fine chop it, just break it up, add it in there. It's good for color, little added flavor. So we'll do that real quick. Mix it in, taste our gravy. See where we are. Okay, gravy looks great. Nice medium consistency, that's what we're looking for. Let's have a taste. That's good. Needs a little bit of salt. There we go. Maybe hit it with a little pepper. And that should do it. Okay. Now we're going to move over to the turkey. We're going to carve the turkey and get it ready for the platter. So here we go. First, I'll remove the string from the dark meat, maybe use a sharp knife. There we go. You could pretty much unloop the string and just take it all the way around, like so. There we go. Now it's time to carve our turkey. I'm going to put some gloves on because this will be hot. If one pair of gloves, using one pair of gloves is too hot for you, it's still too hot, put two pairs of gloves on. Whatever it takes. Or you can let the turkey cool down a little bit. Okay. So, first let's find a place for the wings. That looks good right now. We'll start here. Now, we're going to carve the breast first. So, on a slight angle, on the bias, when I slice, I hold the top of the meat with my hand that way. It'll slice nice and evenly. Just like so. Okay? Just like so. Let's take a look at the center. Look at that, there's our stuffing inside the turkey breast. Very nice. Our cranberry-apple dressing. Okay, give it one more slice like so. For presentation purposes, I won't go all the way through. Now, we'll do the next one just like the first. Okay. Set that aside. Now for the dark meat. We still have a little string here. There we go. Slight bias. The dark meat, I'm going to cut all the way down. So, okay, that's good on the dark meat. Now it's time to platter everything up and we'll be ready to taste.


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