How to Stuff Turkey Breast

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What are the steps you need to take to stuff a turkey breast instead of a whole turkey? Learn tips, tricks and more in this free cooking video taught by expert Chef Donno.

Part of the Video Series: Chef Donno's Stuffed Turkey Recipe
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Video Transcript

Okay, now first what we are going to do it stuff our turkey breast. What you want to do is make a small incision and you are going to go the length of the breast and open it up with your knife. So be very careful. Just go straight in. Go back and forth like so. And then, just make sure it is open. Use your finger, get in there and open it up. There feels right. Make this a little larger. There we go. That's the incision. You don't want to go all the across. Just a fairly small incision. We will do that again. All the way in and you can feel the tip of the knife. I can feel that it is right here. Just very easy. Be careful. Go back and forth. Okay. Alright. Now we are ready to add the stuffing. Our stuffing has been out for about 1/2 hour. It has absorbed all the liquid, all the seasonings, everything is mixed nicely. What I am going to attempt to do is use the pastry bag to insert the stuffing. We will see how that works out. I think it will work. If not, you can use a spoon, use your fingers and just do it that way. What ever works for you. The pastry bag isn't essential but this is how I usually do it. We are going insert this. You don't need a tip, just the plain bag. Going to insert this, squeeze. Try to get all that in there. Yes. What we can do is, you can feel that there is a good amount in there. I need to get this further up in the breast. There we go. Okay. We don't have any holes here. Leaking out slightly on that end but that's fine. So, we will do the next breast, do the next breast very quickly and move on to the legs.


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