How to Remove Turkey Meat from the Bone

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What are the best methods for removing turkey meat from the bone to make your stuffed turkey? Learn this and more in this free cooking video taught by expert Chef Donno.

Part of the Video Series: Chef Donno's Stuffed Turkey Recipe
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Video Transcript

So now that we have our turkey ready, what we are going to do is remove the breast meat and the dark meat. So, feel for the breast plate and make an incision along the breast plate. Use your fingers, just feel in there. Make sure you are going along the bone and then you can work it away. This is still semi-froze but that?s okay. So, we have that cut down as far as we can go right now. What I am going to do is cut down along here. So, releasing that all the way down. Then we are going to come up. Okay, here we go. Just work the meat away from the bone. Here it comes. Okay, we are going to release the skin around the bone. There's our breast. And to do the leg, what we are going to do is cut all around here. Then go in around the bone and release it from the carcass. Okay, now we will take the other breast off the other side. Again, using your fingers, just release the meat helping it along. Take your time when you are slicing. Don't force it. If you start forcing your blade, you might cut yourself. So, be in control. Take your time. See how I am working that down like so. Bring in down there. Now, we will go down along the leg and thigh. There we go. Okay, here we go. The breast is almost detached. Okay, breast number 2. Next what we will do it take the legs off the carcass and we will be ready.


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