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Looking for a easy but filling meal for dinner? Learn how to sear pot roast with expert cooking tips in this free recipe video.

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Today I'm going to take a few minutes and show you how to make pot roast. So we turn our heat on here on our pan, and we're going to turn it up to a pretty high setting. I'll go with I don't know, somewhere with like seven or eight range. And we're going to introduce our olive oil here, we want just enough to cover the bottom of the pan, which should be about that much. And so we're just going to swirl it around, make sure that works. Okay so here we are. You can see how our oil has gotten really really loose in the pan. You can see how it's starting to shimmer a little bit that's how we know it's ready to go. So I'm going to take the beef. I'm going to take it in the largest surface area side which in this case is the bottom and not that edge and I'm just going to place it on the oil. And you can see if it sizzles, your oil is hot enough. And so that tells me my oil is hot enough. Now I don't expect to get all these pieces in here in one round. If I do I'll be really surprised. High heat, and we're going to go, I don't know, about a minute, two minutes on each side. I'll come back when I come to flip them over. It's been about, I don't know, about a minute and a half, two minutes, so what we're going to do is we're going to very carefully lift our lid off away from ourselves so we don't cover ourselves in hot grease or water. We're going to take these pieces and just flip them over. And you can see they've got a nice brown on them, nice crisp outer layer is what we want, oh come on. Alright so it's been about a minute, so grab our tongs again, open this away from ourselves again. You see that the other side's nice and brown. We're just going to take them and lay them on a plate. Don't put them on a napkin though, or a towel or anything because we're actually going to use the fat that comes off of them. So we're going to set out meat aside for about fifteen minutes till we cup up all of our vegetables. We're going to keep our same oil over here, keep it hot, keep it, not hot, but keep it in the pan. Don't dump it out because we're going to use this in the same pan. And I'll be back in just a second and show you how to cut up all of our vegetables.


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