How to Serve Mini Quiche Party Appetizers

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Learn how to make mini quiche holiday party appetizers in this easy snack recipe video from our authority on delicious snacks and house parties.

Part of the Video Series: Party Appetizers for Holiday Catering
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Video Transcript

Okay so now we are back and we are ready to do part three of the quiche and it really is so quick because you can see there are 24 of them already done. I cut the puff pastry crust, didn't even need to make that, just defrosted it right out of the freezer, then I cut some apples and cheese. I cut some apples and cheese and I know it is not a conventional quiche filling but it really is good. If you are doing this at home, you can put whatever vegetable you have in your fridge or whatever you like. Your can do caramelized onions, you can do mushrooms, peppers whatever you like, different kinds of cheeses, different kinds of meat. But for the moment now we are going to do the last step and remember how I was telling you about my friend who thought quiche was oh so difficult to do and the reason I say that is because I read Julia Child's "Kitchen Wisdom" and there is one simple formula you need to know is that for every egg you crack you want to fill to the half cup way with either cream or milk or evaporated milk or whatever you like so, because I am going to start with four eggs here. You mathematicians will now that now we are going to be filling to the two cup mark, half a cup for each egg and I am just using a one percent nice and light so much of the holiday fare is pretty heavy and it works just fine. I probably would not do it with skim, with nonfat milk because probably it would get too thin but honestly with this ratio every time you are going to get the right texture when it cooks. Because I have got the apple and the cheese and I am just whisking this with a fork, you don't need any fancy equipment to do this, it is thyme, just a little bit of dried thyme. You could add a little bit more salt if you like but the cheese generally takes care of the salt content. Then all I am going to do is pour these right in there and then I am going to bake it at 350 for about 30 minutes and it's okay if it goes over the edge because the puff pastry as it does will puff up around it. Okay and that's it. So these 24, see that was not much harder than taking it out of the box, right, these are going to go right in the oven at 350 in about 30 minutes you will see them get all nice and golden brown and puffed up and they are ready to go.


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