How to Season Turkey Cornbread Dressing

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Learn from our expert how to season turkey cornbread dressing in this free holiday recipe video on making turkey cornbread dressing.

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We just got our hard boiled egg in there. We're now going to season this. Now I'm telling you it's going to look like we're putting a lot in there but remember this is a pretty big bowl. It's got a lot going on in there and plus you have a lot of bread and bread, although yummy, it needs to be seasoned. You know, when you put bread in something like this it's going to come out being very, very bland if you don't season it. So, don't be shocked. And you know, taste as you go. My motto for life. So we're just going to start with some salt and pepper just to kind of get it going. I eyeball everything. I'm just doing like, I'm just going to start with a fist full, actually I'm going to do two little palm fulls like that of pepper to start that off. I don't add too much pepper to stuff. I mean I like pepper as a seasoning but I'm not one of those crazy pepper freaks. You know, you see those people in restaurants that eat, you know a little bit of salad with their pepper. I'm not quite like that so. Let's see one, let's start with two, oh okay, two handfuls of salt. I know that seems like a lot. That was just over a handful. I know it seems like a lot but again bread can be very bland in this. Let's see we're also going to do some sage. Sage is key in this. You're probably going to add quite a bit of sage. I'm going to empty this one out. That's a pretty good palm full. I'm going to empty that out and I have some more sage and we're going to use that, too. So, start with that. And the good thing about this is that if you feel like you've over seasoned it you can always add more bread. So, that's another great reason just to keep that on hand over there. You can always add more bread if you need to. So we're going to get some thyme leaves in there. I'm going to put a little palm full of that. And we're going to also do some oregano. I'm going to pop this off so I can pour it easier. Oregano is also another one of those that's a good thing to put in here. Okay I have a good sized palm full in there. Oh, that's gone. I have some more oregano to use, too. Okay and the last thing I'm going to put in is some basil. Just drop that in there. We're going to stir it all up and see how we are when we get this basil in.


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