Stuffing Setup for Deep Frying a Thanksgiving Turkey

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Learn how to stuff and deep fry a Thanksgiving turkey in this free cooking video on how to deep fry a Thanksgiving turkey.

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So now we want to prepare skin for the pesto. Cause like I said before we are going to put it between the skin and the flesh. If want to you can get rubber gloves they have these also in different Cosco's. Those kind of places you can buy them out of the box cause we are going to get our hands dirty. Here you want to use a little paring knife, we are just going to start between the skin and then you can see there is this little connective tissue. We are just going to separate that. Then gently take your hand and start separating that. You want to be careful because you do not want to tear the skin. So feel free to continue to use the little knife to make cuts as you need. We are going to go gently inside the whole length of the breast all the way there to the end. Gently, gently we don't want to tear. Then we want to make another little slit at the inside, at the drumstick. Can you see that? Inside the drumstick, so we can get, see my hand fits in there nicely. I'm going to work that in as far as I possibly can. We would do that to the other side as well. Working that part is done, we are going to work here at the drumstick. Here is the meat, can you see that meat? Like I said you might want to wear gloves if this is a little screamage for you. But before to wash your hands really well after. Okay so this is done so keep cooking and we are going to put the pesto inside.


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