How to Cook Ingredients for Turkey Stuffing

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Want the ultimate turkey stuffing recipe? Learn tips for mixing ingredients for turkey stuffing in this free video clip about making the best holiday dinner.

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Alright to get this stuffing started you need to cook the butter a little bit on a medium-high heat. And just as it melts, you want to add your onions, and then we're going to add your celery, (and again this is for a 22 pound turkey we're making here) and then we're going to add 1 bay leaf in a minute, let me stir this up; and what I like to do, this is my own little added attraction here, I do add a little bit into the butter, and a little bit, one clove of garlic, and the zester is really good for kind of putting that in there; so a little garlic. Then what we're going to do is add a little salt and pepper; some pepper and salt to taste. And I kind of check on this as I go along. And what's important is, you've got to cook it so the celery gets kind of clear, and the onions get a little bit of brown, so it takes about 20 minutes on medium-high heat, and you got to keep checking it. And what we're going to do is add one more bay leaf in here. And you'll see this will get kind of soupy because the onions and the celery have a lot of water content in it, so that mixes with the butter. When this is all done after 20 minutes, we'll come back and add the herbs. Okay, once you see the onions, it's starting to get a golden brown, you want to remove the bay leaves, okay. Now we cut the heat, we'll let this cool for a few seconds. And then what we're going to do is, we're going to add the herbs. Now on a low heat we're going to add our premixed herbs, all but parsley to our mixture. And I actually like to add a little more rosemary, and the savory, and the marjoram, and the thyme, and a little bit of the nutmeg, and it's all mixed in there. Now this is going to be crucial to the end result of the stuffing, because this is going to season all the bread, and over a period of time, inside the bread it kind of all meshes together and it becomes a delicious stuffing. At the end we're going to add the parsley, because we don't want to cook the parsley; the parsley kind of becomes a decorative part of the stuffing.


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