Preparing a Christmas Ham for Glazing

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Learn how to prepare a baked Christmas ham for glazing in this free holiday recipe video on cooking a Christmas ham.

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Alright so here's our whole ham. Now I know a lot of people who love the taste of like a sweet brown sugar country ham but don't like the crunchy sugary outside part. I call those crazy people. But since they do exist and occasionally I have to feed the crazy people, let me wipe up my ham related mess here. I've developed a really interesting way of preparing the ham that keeps the outside from getting all crusty and sugary. Much to my own chagrin, having to develop and create this. So we're going to turn our ham open bone side down to where its like this. We're going to take that mixture of brown sugar , cinnamon, cloves and water and we're going to bring this to a boil and reduce this by about half. We're just going to pour it over the top of this, making sure we fill in every single little crevice and crack we've got here. And notice I've put it in a pan, but I put it on a rack also. What I'm going to do is I'm going to pour the sugar mixture over the top of this. I'm going to wrap this whole thing in foil, well the top at least in foil, and whatever mixture is in the bottom will steam up through the ham and will impart that flavor without at the same time developing that outside crust. If you want the outside crust, what you do is you can just take straight up brown sugar and rub it all over the outside, or what you can do is you can actually make a syrup out of brown sugar and water. It's pretty much a two to one mixture and then release it down. Kind of what I'm doing here. Except for just wait till it gets really thick. Then you can brush it or ladle it all the way across. So my water is about done or my syrup I should say is about done. Once it's done, I'll show you the next step and we will get it chucked in the oven.


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