Ingredients for Cooking a Christmas Ham

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Learn what ingredients you need to cook a baked Christmas ham in this free holiday recipe video on cooking a Christmas ham.

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Video Transcript

Today I'm going to show you how to cook a ham. Let's go over the things you'll need for today. A pretty short list you'll need a ham first of all this is about a 6-7 pound ham that I got at the grocery store. Make sure that when you do this that you don't accidentally buy the fully cooked ham because then you are cooking it twice and it makes a mess. Also don't get anything that has been already marinated or season or anything. I went with one that even that smoked but it was actually hickory smoked but it's not cooked so we won't be double cooking it and also the problem with anything is the marinating or anything like that is that it's just messy and it always just doesn't taste sweet. I would go with a plain or smoke ham or a raw ham is find it other than that a couple of towels are always handy. I have two here and a pot you need one that is big enough to put your ham into and it's oven safe and has a lid. By oven safe I mean no rubber handles or plastic handles nothing chancy that will warp in the oven you want to get a pot that can stay in the oven at 500 degrees for about 6 hours total. Some thing that will stand up to it so knowing that let's go ahead and get started with our first step of our ham.


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