Seasoning & Cooking Tips for a Christmas Turkey

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Learn how to season and correctly cook a Christmas turkey recipe in this free holiday video on cooking a Christmas turkey.

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So here's the fun part. Step one, remove any jewelry you've got on your hands. Step two, I already have my turkey in the pan here, so I don't make a tremendous mess when I do this, just a small mess. We're just going to take our olive oil, and just slightly drizzle it all over the turkey. This is the turkey's favorite part, by the way. It likes this part. Like it's going to the beach and you're putting sunscreen all over the turkey. Alright, so a nice thin layer of olive oil, all over the turkey, thin being the important part. Too much and it will burn. So now we just salt said turkey. You want to salt it pretty heavily to be honest, because you're going to rub this salt all over it. It's not just going to stay right here on the top. So kind of pile it on. And with the pepper, pretty much the same thing. Pepper got a little bound up. Also, hard to use pepper mill if you have greasy hands, as I've noticed countless times, yet I still keep doing it. Alright that looks good. Now I'm going to throw on a super duper top secret ingredient now. But I'll tell you what it is. It's just roasted garlic powder, if I can find it. What'd I do with it? Only a little bit of this. This isn't garlic salt. This is roasted garlic powder, a little bit different. You could also take just plain roasted garlic paste and rub it all over, and a little bit of that goes a long way. So now you take said clean hands that are jewelry free and give the turkey a nice massage. So here's our fully dressed up, ready to go turkey. It's ready to go at three twenty-five for a thirteen pound turkey, about three and a half hours. So, off we go.


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