Stuffing a Christmas Turkey

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Learn how to stuff a Christmas turkey recipe and what to stuff it with in this free holiday video on cooking a Christmas turkey.

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As we've got our turkey on the cutting board, we're just going to take a towel here and towel him off. Make sure he's nice and dry, and comfy. Alright, so now what I'm going to do is, since the feet are already bound up, we're not going to bother binding that in. I do need to open up this neck cavity, like this, and get inside there, and that's where I'm going to stuff the onions at. So, let me stand him up. This should prove mighty interesting. And, this turkey still has the neck in it, which your turkey may or may not, so this could make this a little difficult. Let's see if I can get around the neck and actually lift the breast away from it. No, I can't. So this turkey's getting stuffed from the bottom as such. So you want to just pull it apart like that. And since this metal's on his feet, it's making this seem a little difficult. So we'll just take our onions, just a few at a time, stuff them up in there. This would be much easier if its feet weren't bound, but I don't want to unbind them because then I'd just have to go through the hassle of you know, retying them in a moment. It doesn't take a whole lot of onion to get in, whoops, to get inside there. You also want to be careful you don't break the sternum, anything like that. I've also seen people take a whole onion and stick it inside, but that to me seems a little pointless, so. And to do that you would definitely have to unbind the feet. Oh, every time I push more onion in, more onion falls out. Okay, that represents all of our onion. There we are. Alright, so we have stuffed our bird with onion. Just make sure it's all up in there and won't come out. Okay, I feel pretty good about that. And now let's move on to our next step.


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