How to Make Coconut Milk

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By using shredded coconut, you can the very nutritious beverage called coconut milk. Learn how to make coconut milk in this free video all about coconuts.

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Video Transcript

Already, lets go to something else we can do with coconut and that’s make coconut milk. First we take some shredded coconut and we pour it in the blender. Then we take, usually you use two parts water to one part coconut. So we take some water, now of course, you want to use really spring water or some treated water. You don't want to use chlorinated water. Because we want to make sure we want to make sure we have nice, nice good coconut milk. Then we take the blender and we turn it on. Alright, it doesn't take very long. Now once we have done that, lets push this aside a little bit. We have a little measuring cup and some cheese cloth. What we are going to do is we’re going separate the shredded part from the milky part. So we pour that one there, like so. Then we take the cheese cloth and we squeeze it. And you can see, there is quite a bit of white milky substance coming out here. And you keep squeezing and squeezing. The shredded coconut you can put in and make candies with. Because this shredded coconut is still good. And, in fact, if I wanted to, I could put this back in the blender again, do the same process all over again. And get a little bit more milk before I would be ready to take that shredded coconut and use it in some other ingredient to make possibly candies or cake. So that is how you make the good coconut milk.


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