How to Cut Pineapple

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Learn how to cut pineapple with expert tips on preparing fruit in this free cooking video series on cutting fruit.

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One of my favorite catering tips is fruit cutting. Here is a very tricky fruit to cut. And it's a little spiky, so handle it with caution. To pick a good pineapple, you want to make sure it's soft to the touch, its got a little give at the bottom and it has a nice fragrance. This smells very Hawaiian and the spines pull easily out. This one is a beauty. If you're going to need it for an event, I recommend getting it maybe a day or two ahead of time so that it's ripe and fresh and ready to go. Alright. The easiest way to cut a pineapple is because the skin is usually tough, I like to pierce the skin with the tip of a knife and then use the knife and just nice downward pressure and get rid of the top. The bottom, same situation. Little bit of a piercing and lop it right off. If you're doing a display, you may want to keep the fun top and make a pretty fruit platter out of it. It's absolutely your option. However, if I don't use them I recommend having a bucket to keep all of your mulching products. If you're a mulcher, great. If you're not feel free to put your cuttings from any fruits and vegetables in the green bin and they can mulch it for you. Alright. Next tip for cutting a pineapple, you're going to take your knife and you're going to saw on down into the flesh and rotate it in just a few angles just half turns and get rid of all of the skin and the little spiky pieces. Beautiful. This one is so fragrant. It is delicious. You want to clear off your cutting board because the little pieces could get on your fruit that you've just spent so much time cleaning. That's another little tip. Less work. Alright. Now that you have a flat edge, you put your pineapple on an end and you're going to slice down about half way through it. You're going to feel the spine of it with your finger and you can gauge that to make your next cut and then you're left with this really fun spine that has some meat on it still. You can give it to your, give it to your kids, you can mulch it or you can taste it. Delicious. Alright. To make uniform cuts say if you're going to make a beautiful fruit platter, or if you're just going to have around the house for snacking, you want to make your cuts fairly uniform. I'm going to take my knife and I see that this is about the width of my blade and I'm going to make three cuts in the fatter portions of them. And see how they all look alike? Pretty much the same dimension and this is a little time saver. I line them all up together and I cut them. One, two, three and four. Now you have uniform beautiful pieces that are bite size tidbits. Delicious. And I'm going to put them in my handy and conveniently located bowl. Beautiful tidbits. Ready for snacking or in a beautiful fruit display. Pineapple cutting 101. Enjoy


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